Learn Japanese

By learning Japanese language one can work abroad, travel to Japan, can get job in Japan and in India with a very high package. Quick Visa and easy PR (Permanent Residents) facility with high work ethics and values are motivating thousands of Indians to work in Japan. At Yen academy, Indore a person can learn Japanese language from basic to N2 level. By learning Japanese language, students or professionals can get 100% guarantee placements in India and Japan. Engineers (All stream), MBA’s, BBA, MCA, BCA, Bsc, B Com, Nursing and Pharmacy, Diploma, ITI (electrician, plumber, fitter, mechanic, welder, etc.) 12th and 10th pass , etc are required in Japan in huge numbers.  This is very good opportunity for all the Indians to work in Japan by learning basic Japanese language. Dorondo  Business Solutions so far have placed 1200 students in last 11 years.

Benefits of learning Japanese language

Japanese may not be the first topic that comes to mind when you think of studying a foreign language, but there are many great reasons to learn Japanese. Whether you’re considering language lessons for yourself or your son or daughter, here are five ways you can benefit from learning Japanese.

1) Travel

Learning Japanese language basics is essential for anyone interested in traveling to Japan. While you don’t need to be fluent, you’ll have a much easier time making your way around if you can communicate. Plus, the Japanese people will appreciate your effort to learn their language. If your goal is to travel, start studying Japanese now.
Key phrases will help you when you visit Japan, learn essential travel vocabulary here

 2) Higher Education

Are you considering graduate or business school, or do you have a son or daughter who wants to go to college? It’s no secret that applicants are judged on several criteria, including foreign language proficiency. Make your application stand out; study a less-common language like Japanese.

3) Career Advancement

Many large, international corporations have branches overseas. If your dream job involves working at a big company like Apple or Coca-Cola, learning a second language like Japanese can create more job opportunities. As someone who is fluent in both English and Japanese, you’ll have more career choices than someone who only speaks English.

4) Professional Value

If you want to work internationally, you may think it makes more sense to study Spanishor French, but it may be more advantageous to learn Japanese. Because there are fewer people who speak Japanese as a second language, there’s less competition for positions with Japanese-speaking applicants.
For example, if you want to be a government translator, you may compete for the job with 500 other people who also speak Spanish or French. If, however, you speak Japanese, you may only compete with 100 other people. Learning Japanese can help you increase your value in the job market.

5) Culture

Half the fun of studying a foreign language in school is learning about the country’s culture! Japanese culture is one of the most unique in the world. Study the language and have fun immersing yourself in the fashion, culture, martial arts, and history.