Full Stack Developer

  • IDE – Eclipse, Visual Studio, SSMS
  • Agile Model
  • Client (JS frameworks) and Server (Java/C#/PHP)
  • API system - REST Technology
  • Configuration Management - GIT, TFS, etc.
  • DBMS Concepts – RDBMS, MySQL

System Analysis and Design

  • Parse Business Rules to Design Document
  • DB Design
  • Use-case Design
  • Test Design and Estimation Techniques
  • DevOps Roles and Responsibilities (AWS, AZURE Introduction)
  • Tools – Jenkins, JIRA, Trello, JMeter, Sonar etc.

Process, Organization and Team Structure

  • Process, Organization and Team Structure
  • Roles, Hierarchy, Employee Relationships
  • Escalation and interactions


  • Email Writing
  • Phone, conference handling and etiquettes
  • Attitude training, anger/ego management
  • Test Design and Estimation Techniques
  • Attitude training, anger/ego management

Health and Well-being

  • Joining Company
  • Designation, CTC, Departments
  • KRA, Manager, Lead and Team
  • Hours, Schedule, Productivity

Finance and Personal Planning

  • Cultural Training
  • Region, Religion, Culture and Interpersonal Differences
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Language Barriers
  • Conflict Resolution, Persuasion

Speaker Profiles

Hemant Sharma (Founder)
IIMB Alumni (Mgt. Speaker)

Shri Dutta Pachori (Founder)
Product Architect

Amit Agrawal (Founder)
Service Director